Thursday, March 8, 2012

Matin-ao Inland Resort

A warmth greeting to you reader,
                Call me Brian, 20 years old  4th year BS in Tourism major in Management student. I just wanna share this most unforgettable travel experience ever in my life but before I start I just wanna say thank you for reading my blog and visiting my page as well.

 One of the most unforgettable experience is that when I went to Matin-ao Inland Resort located at Brgy. Matin-ao, New Corella Tagum City. It was a wonderful moment spending my time together with my love ones. Matin-ao Inland Resort is one of the most visited resort in New Corella, Tagum City since it is being operated and owned by a private entrepreneur. The place is so great. They have swimming pools for kids, adults and for the middle-aged as well. It is not yet fully developed but I could say that it is one of the famous resort in Mindanao.
                 I was with my very special person in my life. We spend most of our time in a certain tourists destination and that is where we got at Matin-ao Inland Resort. I could say that Matin-ao Inland Resort is one of the most romantic place to spend together with the one we love. The ambiance itself is quite admirable. It is very quite and suitable place to think and peace of mine will surely assured. Most of the visitors could tell that they will definitely go back to this place and will surely spend their vacation or their spare time. Thus, I highly recommend you to visit Matin-ao Inland Resort since they have their hospitable front-liner to welcoming you when entering the said resort and a crew to facilitate and helping you to get to your cottages.

How to get there?  

If you have your own private car, you can simply go to Tagum City Transport Terminal and heading directly to La Filipina Road Tagum City. When you reached La Filipina Elementary School take the right turn heading to  New Corella and look for a sign that will determine the way going to Matin-ao Inland Resort. If you are uncertain with the way you were heading ask someone from the place. When you get at Matin-ao Inland Resort ask the gatekeeper or the security to get in but you have to pay 35pesos to get in then go inside and look for a cottage. That's it! Enjoy your staying in Matin-ao Inland Resort. If you have questions and Confirmation please feel free to ask me at or you can add me on facebook at

Once again thank you for reading my blog. 

Thank you!

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  1. Wow, I love the place.I would have so much fun I guess.

  2. hmmppp..i promise i would visit this place someday hehehe (^_^)

  3. char...pede maulaw.... (^^_)
    nice one...

  4. Yes! Matin-ao Inland Resort is great place for family bonding.
    Visit Now! to enjoy with your family.